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We offer the following 5 models of Lianne® bra :



Six major charactreristics of Lianne® bra :


  1. Slightly higher neckline toprovide more coverage, a better fit and support
  2. Wider shoulder straps toprovide additional support and stability, hence reducing the burden on shoulders
  3. Each bra cup has specially designed pocket to hold breast form and an additional thin breast pad to accommodate the hot climate in Asia
  4. Shoulder straps are adjustable in the back section so to avoid irritation to surgery area
  5. Cartilage instead of boning is used to provide comfort
  6. Three sections of back hook adjustments to achieve better fit, making the bra supportive and secure

 Mastectomy Bras

  • Offer the combination of design and sizing that catered to Asian women
  • Fit as snug as comfort allows, preventing ride-up and making the bra supportive
  • Made solely with quality and fashionable fabrics imported from Europe and Japan
  • Select appropriate fabric to suit the hotter climate in Asia
  • Use special Drimy cloth for its under layer: 

bra2Drimy is a special cloth produced in Japan. With its quick moisture absorption, backward flow prevention and evaporation functions, skin can be kept dry feeling soft and comfortable.